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Jeanne Marie Merkel

Wellspring Community Support Services, LLC

PO Box 1633

Shelter Island, NY  11964


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Thank you for contacting us! We will be in touch shortly.

I like getting to know people in my online community, so feel free to introduce yourself to me.

You can write to me directly using the form above, and I will send you a personal response

to any questions or concerns or sharing.  I don't do automated e-mails.

You will always get a genuine communication direct from me!

I look forward to hearing from you!    Jeanne Marie

I am currently offering Coaching Sessions by Phone

or by Zoom Video Conferencing. 

Although I miss seeing my clients in person,

I value your safety during this pandemic.

I am pleased to report that Zoom is very easy to use

and my clients find it still enables the warm connection

they have always enjoyed!

I will send you a link when you make an appointment.

Wellspring Creativity Cottage

Friends, At this difficult time, when many of us are feeling anxious and uncertain about the future,  I am feeling a desire to connect more directly with you,

so I made a video with a special message for you!


In the video I share a dance to a song that has helped me get through hard times. The song is "Soul’s Own Speech” by  Jack Licitra of Arts Pharmacy.

I hope it will lift your spirits!

Feel free to dance with me!

Jeanne Marie    April 2, 2020

Wellspring & Compass Rose

Embody My Philosophy

of Life and Coaching

Click to Center of Compass

to Learn More

Wellspring Compass Rose.jpg
I remember reading this line from Anais Nin in my 20's. It has opened my soul to every encounter with another human being since that time. Thank you to a dear friend for reminding me of the origin of that deeply internalized conviction that has transformed my life.
I created this combination of images in Canva to honor this remembering. Sharing it with gratitude for all the clients who have opened up their interior worlds to me and have become a treasured part of my own soul.
Feel free to share it with someone who has deepened your experience of life.
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