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I am available to give inspirational and educational presentations on a wide variety of subjects.  I can integrate creative elements into the event: music, poetry, storytelling, photography, art, movement, time for silent reflection and /or journaling, or sharing among participants. 

I have given presentations at public libraries, churches, community organizations, clubs, women's groups, and schools. Please contact me to create your own unique event.

Here is a list of the some of the presentations I can offer:

  • Resilience, Clarity and Creativity: 3 Keys for Navigating Life Transitions

  • Embracing Change & Uncertainty: A Spiritual Perspective

  • Reviving the Art of Collaborative Listening.

  • Refusing Cynicism:  Believing in Our Power to Create Change

  • Healing our Divisions: Moving Beyond Self / Other Polarizations

  • Moving Beyond the Battle of the Sexes to Mutual Respect and Understanding

  • Voluntary Simplicity and Freedom

  • Spiritual Perspectives on Depression and the Cycles of Transformation

  • Breaking the Shell that Encloses Your Understanding: Pain and Limitation as Teacher

  • The Transformative Power of Community

  • Unmasking Pretension: The Role of the Sacred Fool, Jester,  Clown ,  and Trickster in Shaking Up Our Social Norms.

  • Hear No Evil...   Confronting Society's Complicity in Trauma & Injustice

  • The Sound of Freedom: Exploring the Dynamics of Personal and Collective Freedom through the Music of Resistance

  • Art as a Native Language: Reclaiming Your Creative Self

  • The Art of Living with Intention

  • Living the Questions:  Reflections on Rilke's Advice to a Young Poet

  • Discovering your Authentic Spiritual Path

  • Developing a Spiritual Practice

  • Return to the Land of Your Soul: Reclaiming the Art of Silence & Solitude

  • Celtic Spiritual Traditions that Nourish the Soul

  • Dreams as a Source of Spiritual Guidance

  • Vision Quest: Wilderness Rite of Passage

  • The Gift of Compassionate Presence

  • Wisdom of the Heart:  Trusting our Intuitive Knowing

  • Motherhood as a Spiritual Art and Practice

  • Nurturing Spirituality in Children

  • Calling all Elders:  Your Gifts and Wisdom are Needed! 

  • Why Kids Need Nature: a Developmental Guide for Parents & Mentors

  • Earth Community:  Re-Visioning Our Place in the Family of Beings

  • Inter-Spirituality: The Common Spiritual Experiences and Understandings that Unite Humanity Across all Cultures & Traditions

  • Doing Theology: Wrestling with Life's Big Questions with Integrity

  • Covenental Theology:  Reclaiming the Transformative Power of our Sacred Commitments to One Another and to the Earth.

  • Creating Beauty: A Spiritual Imperative for Our Time

  • Dancing the Edge of Mystery: Ecological Wisdom for Humanity

  • Reclaiming Ritual for Personal and Communal Transformation

  • The Dark Places of Wisdom: The Elusynian Mysteries and Our Western Philosophical Traditions

Feel free to suggest a topic you would like to hear about, and we can discuss the possibilities!


(With art & photography):

  • Inner and Outer Landscapes of the Celtic Soul

  • A Celebration of Night: Hearing Whispers of the Sacred in the Dark

  • Celebrating your Child Self in Nature

  • Tree and Human: The Dialogue of Twin Souls

  • Seasons as Reflections of our Inner Lives:  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter  ( a separate presentation for each, or one for the full year)

The cost varies based on length of presentation, creative elements, size of audience and other factors.  Range $150-$300 + travel costs.

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